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Electrification System

The conducting bar is a safe and affordable way to provide electric power to a mobile equipment. Now you can choose between 6 unique systems for virtually any need, from 100 to 1500 amperes and more. We use the best brands, in which we have trusted for the last 60 years: Insul-8, Wampfler y Saf-T-Bar – now part of the Conductix-Wampfler conducting bar families.



Safe-Lec 2 conducting bar

SAFE-LEC 2 ® V-Contact conducting bar system– the new standard in crane electrification. SL 2 is ideal for monorail and also electrification material handling systems.

Safe-Lex 2 offers this great benefits:

  • Positive follow-up – The “V-contact” on the cranes’ bar provides continuous conductivity. The collecting arms, articulated in a wide set of movements, help keeping the collector in contact with the rail.
  • Safe isolation- the conducting bar is isolated from IP2 for a “safe finger” operation. Screwed splicing- a positive connection than cannot be broken over time.
  • Empalmado atornillado – una conexión positiva que no puede zafarse con el tiempo.
  • Unique parts minimum quantity – same cover profile is adapted to every bar style.
  • Easy configuration system – using our advanced “Quick Quote” software.



Hevi-Bar II conducting bar

The Hevi-Bar II conducting bar delivers a reliable high capacity service rail for the factories, mills, warehouses, and other rigorous applications.

Hevi-Bar II features:

Effective Hear dispersion – uses the area surface instead of a mass to disperse the heat generated by elevated current conditions.

Mounting versatility- in cna be mounted with the bars side-by-side (horizontally) or one on top of the next (vertically).

One-option isolating coating – standard orange PVC, green PVC for the conducting bars joint points (ground, 500amp only), black UV-resistant PVC for exterior usage, and versions for middle or high level heat exposure.

Easy to install – a short number of modular components.

Low maintenance and durability – this is a real “install it and forget about it” conducting bar system.

Easy system setup – using our “Quick Quote” system.

DURA-COAT – For corrosive environments

Hevi-Bar II is available on our optional DURA-COAT finish. Dura-Coat is a specifically formulated coating that combine a ceramic compound with an epoxy binding to provide a higher resistance to corrosion and adhesion to the base materials. The bar is covered externally except for the stainless steel collector area; the isolating coating is applied over this coating. All metal parts of the collecting arms are coated. The arms themselves are not coated because they are made of a high-resistant polymer filled with glass.


BInsul 8 bar conducting system

H60 years ago, Conductix-Wampfler, under the name Rucker Insul 8® Corporation, was the first company to develop the original “8-Bar” electric conduction. This innovative design gratly improved the safety of the crane electrification. Since then, hundreds of miles of 8.Bar system have been installed and are currently operating world-wide. This is truly a standard in the industry.

Conductix-Wampfler Insul 8® 8-Barras System:

  • Listed in the UL and CSA approved.
  • Easy and simple installation.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • With a full selection of special options – curved bar, corrosion-resistant systems, lifting guides, and a wide support variety.
  • Special application experience – more than 60 years’ field experience.
  • Easy setup system – using our “Quick Quote” advanced software.



Side-Contact Conducting Bar

The Side Contact conducting bar from Conductix-Wampfler is a variation of the 8-Bar System, designed for a lateral entry on the collector. Listed in the UL/CSA, the Side Contact is ideal when the standard room is not enough to mount and/or the conductor must be closer than what the 8-Bar allows to.

Side-Contact Conducting Bars:

Comes with coating and installed bolts. Laminated and copper bars also come with insurance set. They have expansion sections that are required every 350ft (106.7meters) for 40, 90 and 110 amp systems. Or 250ft (76.2m) for 250 or 350amp to compensate for thermic expansion. They are easy to set up using our “Quick Quote” advanced software.


C Series Saf-T-Bar Conducting Bar

This conducting bar is original from the Howell Corporation. The bars are built in a galvanized steel coil, a steel/copper lamination (250A) or copper (300A y 350A). The “U” shape contact on the surface guarantees both the positive follow up the collector and a full contract through the moving System. The standard material is supplied on 10ft long with all the required equipment for as assemblance. The installation is simple and requires only one assembling tool to connect the rails.


T Saf-T-Bar Series Conducting Bar

This is the original Saf-T-Bar T System from the Howell Corporation. This sytem is unique for Conductix-Wampfler and comes with a concept for a captive collector, resulting in an extremely compact system. The conducting bars are provided with pre-mounted joints. Using the assembling tool, the rails can be put together rapidly and easily. Special spring collectors are built with a chrome-copper material that guarantees the optimization of the collectors’ wear-away.


  • Fast installation. Pressure or sliding union clips and multiple assemble bars. An assembly unit for a fast and easy installation.
  • Adjusted cooling isolation, it will not break of deform under pinning pressure.
  • Contact conductor. Two internal contact slots follow the collector. Because of its weight, provides excellent ventilation with high current capacity and a safe design.


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