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Aluminum Rail System

The aluminum rail system “Ergo-Prosys” is extruded from a high-resistance aluminum alloy which grants a strong ergonomic platform with a light weight, to solve many of the process requirements of the products and the material handling process. The aluminum rail system “Ergo-Prosys” is designed and developed to satisfy and exceed the standards of the sector. The systems are tested by independents laboratories to 5 times the nominal capacity to guarantee safety.

The aluminum rail system “Ergo-Prosys” is widely known as the area handling system for loading and production process. The upper rail system can be rapidly configured and installed by plant personnel with a notable saving in time and cost.

The aluminum rail system “Ergo-Prosys” comes unpainted and corrosion free. The wheelbarrow track is closed to avoid dust accumulation, which guarantees a soft and silent operation. The rails are uniquely equipped with two T shape slots on both sides that ease the alternative mounting of the lanes; inverted or lateral mounting. This also makes the system ideal for integrators and final users where the equipment can be mounted directly to the bar.


                                         Sistema de Rieles ErgoProsys

Sistema de Rieles ErgoProsys

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