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Did you know traveling cranes are renewable resources?

Today’s competitive business environment is forces everyone to increase their production capabilities, while reducing general prices.

  • Generation of capabilities increase – Larger industrial ships mean a higher demand on load elevation.
  • Shorter maintenance periods – Most ship maintenance and facilities are executed under the shorter periods of time, the shorter the better. The handling of larger, heavier and more delicate components demands a more trustworthy crane performance.
  • High efficiency labor and safety – High efficiency labor is of the highest priority for quick repairs. A precise crane position provides a safer and faster load manipulation and in this high-demand situation.




Handling and installation of turbine rotor assembly with a small maneuvering room.


At PROMISEC we use equipment such as Variable Frequency units from Divecon (VFD). The XT series is equipped with a closed tie control vector, which provides the latest technology in variable speed control for an extreme precision location.

When you have a precision coder mounted on the engine’s axis, it’s possible to control the hoist, car and engine bridge velocity with a precision of 1000:1 of the nominal engines’ speed. Complete torque engine is also present even at low speed. Programmable soft accelerations and decelerations eliminate the “trotting” need to obtain a precise positioning. Therefore, the deflection impact of the beams of the crane’s bridge is decreased/eliminated, preventing the dangerous “load bounce” effect. Our VFD monitor vital information, such as the engines temperature, break’s aperture delay, engine speed and other crucial functions for thesucces of the load’s elevation.


Faster installations using a reliable and precise crane.

The modernization offers a direct benefit, regarding time and effort reduction, with a low staff requirement and low attention demand to the activity, besides supervision. At PROMISEC, we know the importance of time and cost reductions, and that is why we are adapting to the upcoming technologies worldwide.


Today, many cranes are in good mechanical and structural conditions, but lack the proper controller. This cranes have many lifespan years remaining, but the non-reliable controllers and scarce replacement parts, turns them into an expensive nuisance to keep around.

Though a complete electric update, many of these cranes have fond new life, improving productivity, reliability and operators’ safety while reducing maintenance cost.

For example, the obsolete rotor and coil engines that require constant inspection and maintenance can be modified and controlled by VFD to gain a more reliable performance.

he Drivecon cranes’ variable frequency specific units are the heart of our controllers. Soft starts and stops reduce the wear down of the brakes and the structural and mechanical impacts, and also aids towards a more precise crane positioning. With our exclusive VFD speed supervision feature, costs and inefficient mechanical load breaks are eliminated.


  • Crane with CA control key modernization package includes: application analysis through desing, construction, formation, starting and training, the engines, festoon systems, hangers, remote radio systems, CA units, anti-collision systems, coders and accessories.

  • Advanced Drivecon load control system:

                  – Sway control system by Drivecon (DSC Drivecon sway control)

                  – DSC plus Zoning

                  – DSC plus Zoning plus automatic positioning

  • Radio and Ground cabin controlled

  • Hoist Monitoring Unit (HMU) for the follow-up of conditions such as 2 hoist load addition, overload, loose rope, elevation limits, tare load, load screen, 2 hoist leveling and more.

  • Dangerous area control.

  • Multiple controllers for hoist synchronization for load leveling and crane synchronization.

  • Cube and grip controllers.

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