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Crane parts localization

We take care of finding crane parts that you cannot find anywhere else. This way you take a load off your mind, and stop worrying about issues outside your company’s operation.

Because of our industrial service network and partnership with suppliers, we can offer a shorter response time and satisfaction to all our customers. This grants us access to different crane parts suppliers and allows to guarantee the acquisition. We only use original parts.


Our service

If what you need is immediate replacement for your elevation equipment parts, or you require a dedicated manufacturing and quick delivering options, our customer service representatives and engineers will be at your disposition, always ready to assist you. Our experienced technicians can access online hundreds of detailed technical files and schemes.

By choosing PROMISEC for the installation job, you will have the certainty that it will be done properly and that the area will go back to production without delay.

Replacement parts of every brand

Our replacement services cover any crane or hoist Brand. This way, you can leave everything in our hands. We will find the part wherever it is and bring it to you, guaranteeing a competitive price. This makes us a unique option to satisfy all your replacement needs.

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