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Double-Girder Overhead Cranes

bipuenteDouble-girder overhead cranes are supported and allows to perform a range of capacities and combinations adapted to your operation needs. Our cranes have an acceleration and deceleration control that allows soft starts and stops, reducing brake wear and extending the equipment’s service life. We custom our designs on each specific double-girder overhead crane to handle the stress, possible deformation and torque presented in the application. Our engineering and manufacturing team are experts at every detail which sets us apart from the competition.


  • At Prosimec, we can manufacture cranes with capacities of up to 250 tons. Our cranes are manufactured according to CMAA standards.

  • Contact us for special requirements such as higher speeds, sliding trucks, corridors, auxiliary hoists among other products which can be implemented.

  • Manufactured according to FEM (European) or CMAA (American) standards.

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