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Workstation Jib Cranes


  • Capacities: up to 453.6 kg
  • Spans:up to 4.9m
  • Rotation: 200° o 360°
  • Mounting: wall, floor, or portable base.

  • Overview

    Spanco Workstation Jib Cranes offer easy ergonomic lift and transfer of repetitive loads. These small, nimble cranes are faster than motorized jib cranes and are very affordable.

    Freestanding Workstation Jib Cranes (FR series)

    • 360-degree rotation.
    • Standard crane heights up to 3.7 m (floor to bottom of boom); taller designs are available.
    • Mounting plates attach with anchor bolts to standard 15-cm reinforced concrete floor, or to new foundations for special load conditions.
    • Smaller capacity cranes use square mounting plates with welded gussets connected to the mast; each plate uses 4 anchor bolts.
    • Larger capacity cranes use hexagonal mounting plates with welded knee braces connected to the mast (welded knee braces are stronger than plates, resist buckling, and are more affordable for our clients); each plate uses 6 anchor bolts.

    Portable Freestanding Workstation Jib Cranes same as above: Except with counterweight bases with forklift packets:

    • Up to 68 kg capacity with 4.9 m span.
    • Up to 227 kg capacity with 2.4 m span.

    Wall-Mounted Workstation Jib Cranes (WC series)

    • 200-degree rotation.
    • Bolts to existing wall or column.
    • Bronze bearings at the pivot points ensure easy rotation.


    • The electric collector rings or air swivels (allow continuous 360-degree boom rotation).
    • Lift platforms on jib mast (accept all brands of vacuum pumps).
    • Vacuum hose trolleys (fit up to 7.5 cm diameter hose).
    • Trolley for any hook mounted device.
    • Telescoping boom sections.
    • Rotation stops.
    • Portable bases.
    • Festoon flat cable: 4 conductor.
    • Festoon air hose: 9.5 mm in diameter.
    • Anchor bolts and templates.
  • Warranty

    Products covered under the 10-Year Warranty:

    • Freestanding or Ceiling-Mounted Steel bridge cranes driven manually for workstations, and monorails.
    • Aluminum bridge cranes driven manually (Alu-Track®) for workstations and monorails.
    • Manually driven jib cranes (I-beam, articulating and jib cranes for workstations).

    What the 10-Year Warranty covers:

    • Defects in equipment material and fabrication
    • Wearing parts (only end trucks wheels and others)

    Spanco, Inc. (“Spanco”) warrants exclusively that the equipment and the expendable end caps and the trolleys to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a (10) year or 20,000 hour period (whichever occurs first), commencing on the date of shipment to the first retail (“purchaser”). This warranty does not cover defective equipment or system failure caused by misuse, negligence, improper installation or maintenance, or equipment that has been used in excess of its rated capacity or beyond its service factors as described by Spanco. It does not apply to any altered equipment without Spanco’s written authorization. Written notice of any claimed system defect must be given to Spanco within thirty (30) days of discovery. Spanco’s obligation under this warranty is limited to the replacement or repair of Spanco’s products at the factory or different location approved by Spanco. The purchaser is responsible for all freight and transportation costs relating to equipment repair or replacement. THE AFOREMENTIONED WARRANTY WILL NOT HONOR ANY OTHER WARRANTY WHETHER EXPRESSED, IMPLIED, OR STATUTORY. IN ADDITION, THE SELLER DOES NOT OFFER ANY WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR EQUIPMENT USE AND DOES NOT OFFER ANY OTHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY. Spanco is not liable—under any circumstances—for any indirect, incidental, or consequential damages including, but not limited to lost profits, increased operating costs, or loss of production. This warranty does not extend to any component or accessory not manufactured by Spanco (such as casters). The purchaser’s remedy for such components and accessories will be determined by the terms and conditions of any the warranty provided by the manufacturer of such components and accessories.

    NOTE: All motorized Spanco products include a 1- year warranty for the actuator components.

  • Warnings

    • Inspect the entire system on an annual basis or more frequently as defined by OSHA 1910.179 standards. The inspection must be performed by a qualified person. Failure to do so may cause serious injury or death.
    • This equipment, used as a crane, is not not designed in any way to carry, lift or transport individuals. Failure to adhere to the specific load limitations can cause serious injury or fatalities.
    • Applications which involve the use of vacuum lifts, magnets, or other high-impact lifting systems are considered heavy-duty (constant service) and require special design considerations. Contact the manufacturer for pricing regarding special designs.
    • To prevent the end truck / trolley from leaving the rail, do not operate the crane if the end stop bolts are not firmly held in place at each end of the bridge crane rail and at each end of every rail track.
    • The end stops of the track must be aligned longitudinally so that the bridge hits the simultaneous end stops.
    • Do not locate splice joints more than 122 cm from track support centers when aligning tracks with frames.
    • Do not cantilever the ends of the track rails more than 122 cm beyond the track support centers (not including the festoon storage area).
    • Do not hit the end limits at high speeds. Only hit the end stops with caution.
    • Do not use the end stops for repetitive bridge impacts.
    • Do not tilt the bridge on the tracks.
    • Do not operate the hoist or crane if the cotter pins are not in place and properly bent on both sides of the hoist trolley. Check regularly that the cotter pins are in place by securing the hoist in its trolley.

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