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The AeroGo Air Cushion (AGV) are a modern and proven way to move very heavy loads with safety and precision. Designed to for loads supported by skids, the ARG can also be modified for a direct placement.

Potency transmission system: The potency transmission system allows heavy load to be easily and safely moved by and operator. The pneumatic dampening vehicles can be activated by loading or unloading, individually or by tandem, to provide the required load capacity.

Remote Control: A wireless remote control activates the emergency stop and controls the unit’s speed and direction and the selection of the steering option. An operator controls the air dampening vehicle, either working as single unit or tandem, while it moves, spins and stops.

The Aero-Wheels: The Aero-Wheels are mounted with slides to ease their inspection or replacement without lifting the air cushion vehicle.

Leveling control automated system: The control system LoadSense ™ automatically adjusts the pressure and elevation height of the Air Cushions vehicle’s wheels to compensate variation in the load’s weight. Ultrasonic sensors measure the height of the AGV from the ground, several hundred times per second. Through the use of a non-contact proximity sensor, the system is immune to the debris on the ground, reducing risk damage.

Safety features:

  • Intermittent lights and sound alarm when the air dampening vehicle is moving.
  • Error/failure diagnostics on the LCD touch screen.
  • Emergency stop switch on the vehicle, as well as a wireless remote control device.
  • Independent safety relay on the electronic stop circuit.
  • Supply hose restrictions.
  • Warning labels on every applicable surface.
  • Additional safety pendant option is available.

Move loads up to 14Tons in an affordable way.

The AeroGo platforms help or replace the fork lifts, cranes or transporters when moving bulky and heavy loads for a fraction of the cost of any traditional methods for material handling. Ideal for manufacturing: the omnidirectional Aero platform does not require permanent ground systems or rails. The tour’s path can be modified at need. The components may float to the side of an assembly line without halting production. Almost cero vibration or emissions: a silent operation with cero emissions and less vibration movement. A proven and effective method to handle calibrated equipment.

Available options:
• The operator is handled in T or U shape configuration
• Regulating handling controls
• No load wheels to ease the movement when the injectors are deflated
• Guide wheels for optimal load control
• Elevators or wedges to better aid the platform toward the load’s occupied surface
• Lift tables: add vertical elevation to your horizontal movements.
• Slide/mount the Aero-Casters for an easier injector replacement.



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