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The Spacemaster® SX hoists represent a new a revolutionary generation of electric rope hoists, extremely reliable and with the latest technology. Their innovative design with a large drum makes these hoist the most compact with the highest load capacity per wheel in the industry, and at the same time they offer a practically vertical hoist with simple reeling, and exceptional hook approaches and hoist heights.

Comes with unique features such as the new sealed breaks with low-maintenance requirements, a two-shift hoist engine and car control with invertor. With the standard hoists, the manufacturer specifications plate includes the CSA classification (US and Canada), and the NEMA 3R classification for electric boxes. Paintjob composed of two parts with standard epoxy resin. Spacemaster® SX hoists are designed to meet and exceed FEM 1Am, 2m and 3m (ASME H3 or ASME H4) service classifications, as well as to provide the latest in single load handling, safe and lasting operations, and performance without delays.


LThe standard configurations include several car designs; monorail cars for normal and reduced height and cars for double beam crane-bridges. In both European (FEM) and American (ASME) classifications, the Spacemaster® SX hoists meet a wide set of application requirements:

  • 500 to 80,000kg capacity.
  • 4 to 100m lifts and more
  • Hoist speeds of 3/0.5.5 to 19/3 m/min.
  • Three-phase current of 208, 230, 460, 575 V. and 60 Hz. or 380 V. and 50 Hz.
  • Simple or double reeling

The large diameter drum eases the positioning and allow better approaches.
The larger drum diameter provides an almost vertical hoisting with a single strand hoist: only a 1cm lateral movement per hoisting meter. The result is an exceptionally soft movement and a fast load positioning. This innovative design also means a shorter structure, which allows better approaches.

Hoist and car engines designed for an increased productivity and room saving.The standard two shift engine (ratio 6:1) specifically designed for hoisting offers an elevated starting torque and guaranteed a precise and reliable load manipulation.
This engine comes with an F class isolation of 30 nominal minutes (60% effective service), and thermic protection and completely closed structure.

The car engine has a frequency controller as standard equipment, which offers a continuous speed control or infinitely variable for a soft acceleration and deceleration, with minimum load swaying and fast, precise and efficient manipulation.

Standard safety features that other competitors either don’t offer, or offer them for and additional cost.
An electro-mechanic switch that limits the load prevents the hoisting of loads that exceed the 110% of the nominal capacity. This 4-pisition limiting device includes a new phase error protection circuit, preventing the load hook from being displaced upwards, damaging the hoist in the case of a phase inversion.

Its sealed brakes, hardened and rectified gears, the thermic protection on its engines, the exceptional useful life of its rope and the ergonomic design of its load hook with safety ratchet deliver a safer and more reliable operation with the hoist.

FSealed brakes equals long term value.
When sealed, brakes on the hoist and car engines keep the dust out and require no further adjustment for more than a million work cycles, which makes them last as long as the hoist under normal usage conditions.

The car design reduces the wear-off of its components.
The cars’ engine, completely sealed and lubricated, has been designed to require no maintenance. The turnings of the car’s wheels are permanently lubricated. The automatic disc brake and the frequency controller help to increase the engine and other components lifespan, which means lower maintenance, less idle time, lower operative costs and a reduced general cost through your equipment’s lifespan.

Its innovative reducer offers a more reliable operation and a longer lifespan for the equipment.
The innovative design of the reducer box decreases the strain over the drums bearings, reducing the maintenance need and increasing the equipment’s lifespan. Comes with hardened and rectified internal gears that move an external gear system located over the inside surface of the rope’s drum. The lubrication of the reducer with semiliquid fat also extends the lifespan. The box is designed for the reducer to operate at lower temperatures and in a more efficient way than the ones equipped with a mechanical load brake.

Because of its larger size, the hoist drum reduces the cable’s wear-off to the minimum and improves the cool down. An approximate relation of 40:1 between the drum’s diameter and the cable minimizes the cable’s stretch chance, reducing wear-off and increasing its lifespan. The large drum’s diameter also contributes to a reduction on the structures size and weight, minimizing the wear-off of the hoist’s components and allowing the use of more efficient beams. The unique engine’s location within the drum provides an airflow that creates an optimal cool down system. This design also allows an easy access to the engine and brake.


Car for Double Beam

Cleared upper area and compact size for double beam crane applications.

Carro para espacios de altura normal





Car for Normal Height Rooms
An ideal option for bridge single-beam cranes and flag cranes. Hardened wheels for laminated beams also available.

Polipastos de fran capacidad


Car for Lower Height Rooms
The best solution for single-beam cranes; its compact design allows you to take advantage of the room with efficiency.


Large Capacity Hoists

Standard configurations offer the following:

The SX6 with simple or double reeling have a nominal capacity of:

20,000 kg – FEM 3m
32,000 kg – FEM 2m
40,000 kg – FEM 1Am

The SX7 models with double reeling have a nominal capacity of up to:

40,000 kg – FEM 3m
63,000 kg – FEM 2m
80,000 kg – FEM 1Am

Special Application Hoists:


  • Main and auxiliary hoist on the same car.
  • Hanging displacement car with double beam.
  • Engineized block-and-tackle hoist
  • Specialized controllers.
  • 90º turn hoist, for double beam.
  • For exterior and dusty environments use.
  • High altitude
  • Special caliber for car rails.
  • Double-beam cars with low connection for applications with space between rail and ceiling.

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