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capacitacionDo your operators know the emergency stop signal, how much weight can be elevated in safety conditions, or the crane’s emergency turn-off procedure?

FSafety training for crane operators

Crane-related accidents cause injuries in the work place to crane operators, facility workers and even by-standers. Most crane-related accidents are caused by human error, creating safety hazards and production halt. These accidents can be minimized or avoided through proper training and correct use of the crane.

Complete user training for crane work

We offer a wide selection of specialized training courses and instructions, not only for our technicians and inspectors, but for their personnel and crane operators. We can customize and specify the training requirements for your elevation equipment. We can offer a full- assistance package that has the goal to add value to your staff and increase awareness in regards to safety in the work place.

We combine all these training requirements, from basic crane operator training to customized seminars, to be able satisfy your company’s specific needs. We offer training courses for crane operators, health and safety training and training for the trainer, besides crane maintenance training in some establishments.

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