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Single Bridge Cranes

monopuenteThe supported single bridge crane is known for traveling on guided rails installed on a supporting structure, either independently to an industrial building or support by it. The bridge crane profile can be with a standard beam or with a box composed by plates, depending on the characteristics of the specific project. The hanging hoist, which is practically attached to the bridge crane, allows maximum lifting height use.


  • When capacity and clearance are not a problem, single-girder overhead cranes are the most affordable crane option. Single-girder overhead cranes are typically the best in terms of cost effective service.

  • We offer single-girder overhead cranes with capacities starting from 1 ton to 25 Ton.

  • At Prosimec, our single bridge cranes are custom designed for your specific application. In doing so, you can feel comfortable knowing that you are obtaining the right solution for your lifting operations.

  • Either operated manually or motorized, with one or more hoists, chains or cables.

  • Manufactured according to FEM (European) or CMAA (American) standards.

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